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Construction projects entail many detailed phases, each of which involves the production, printing and distribution of critical drawings to assist architects, engineers and construction managers. The distribution process in particular can be tedious - but Gill Reprographics is here to help. We'll ensure that your construction management documents and construction closeout documents are handled efficiently.

Through the bid set distribution process, we make sure that your drawings and specifications are distributed to all necessary parties, which can include professional designers, contractors, subcontractors and business owners. You can rely on Gill Reprographics for all of your important construction management documents requirements from concept to as-builts.

Let the experienced staff at Gill Reprographics help facilitate the tracking, distribution and overall management of your project plan sets and addenda. Construction management documents are delivered on schedule, with proof of delivery to project managers.

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Looking for the best in plans and specs reprographics? We provide high-speed, wide format copying (black and white or color), plan rooms, e-mail, scanning and archiving.

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Our online plan room makes the distribution of critical plans and specs reprographics fast and easy. You can streamline your communication process for construction projects via public or private access. With the latter, you can control access to your sub-contractors who can place orders via the plan room. The paperless process makes it eco-friendly, too!

As Your Project Concludes

Another key aspect of the construction process involves closeout management documents. The contractor-required, project closeout process is arguably one of the most challenging processes during the construction process, taking weeks to months to complete. Gill Reprographics can improve this tedious construction management documents process by helping you produce, publish, manage, digitally archive and distribute all of your construction closeout documents information more efficiently.

While closeout times vary by project, the procedure time ranges from 1 to 20 months, with some projects taking up to two years. Construction closeout documents vary by project, but may include items such as:

Gill Reprographics understands that expedient project construction closeout documents can help you improve relationships with your clients and set the pace for future business. We utilize state-of- the-art technology with an easy-to-use web interface, and combine these ingredients with our dependable, fast and quality customer service. For more information on Gill Reprographics construction management documents, construction closeout documents and plans and specs reprographics processes, contact us today.

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