Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make A Plot File?

To create a plot file, follow the same step you normally use to print your drawings. The only difference in creating the plot file is ensuring the check box Plot To File is activated. You can choose the location where the files are written by clicking on the File Name button.

What Kind Of Files Can GRI Print From?

GRI offers a variety of printing services in black & white and color. For a complete list of software support, contact your local GRI store.

Can I Edit A Scanned Drawing in AutoCAD?

In most cases, the answer is no. AutoCAD drawings are vector images (produced using math such as x= y= z=). Scans are raster images (produced using a series of varying pixel colors). Although it is possible to import a scanned image into AutoCAD, unless you’re using an add-on package with AutoCAD, your editing capabilities are very limited.

How Do I Send Files To GRI Electronically?

GRI supports file transfer using email, FTP and a specialized software for sending complete sets of drawings. For more details click here.

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